Message from Peter Toth:

"St Stephan, King of Hungary: June 2008, I finished statue #73. This is a very important statue to me, as it is my first one on the European Continent. St Stephan was the first King of Hungary, around 1000 AD, and he introduced Christianity to the country. If not for him, there would be no Hungary today." It is located about 20 miles from Budapest, in the town of Delegyhaza. It is in a Park dedicated to King Stephan, adjacent to the Post Office."

At this time in my life, I have completed my tributes to the indigenous people of North America, specifically the Native Americans. It is now my calling to provide memorials to the indigenous people of the World. Presently I am engaged in creating replacement statues in various States as well as reconditioning others. However, the World will still remain in my plans for the future.

Statue # 65 Williamsport, Pennsylvania

Date:  1990

Name: Chief Woapalanee

Location: Corner of Hepburn St. and Rural, at the entrance to Brandon Park

Coordinates:  N 41º  14.900  W 77º  00.410

Height: 20 ft.




Update 6/18/15

They removed the statue from Brandon park due to being rotted a couple days ago. it is my understanding that It can be fixed but the city won't do it, I'm not sure as to why a fundraising campaign hasn't been established but there will be public outcry so we will see. I am truly disappointed in my city for allowing this. I remember Mr. Toth carving the statue, it will be a great loss to our community.
Anthony Rudinski


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